Gabrielle’s Maternity Shoot

When I found out that my gorgeous, long-time friend (we go back to 2nd grade!) was pregnant with her third child, I just needed to photograph her. She is the epitome of perfection, especially during pregnancy, which is hard to do. I just knew that she would be the perfect model for a maternity shoot that I was envisioning. Thankfully, she agreed to be my model and she was amaaazing. Thank you so very much for allowing me to capture your last pregnant belly<3

Sure, I’d KILL to look like my friend the next time I get pregnant again (as I’m sure everyone else would love to look like her, too). Although, there seems to be way too much pressure on women these days to look a certain way while we are pregnant (and while we are not). But, we (including myself) need to remember that the changes our bodies go through as women while we are pregnant, is incredible. To be able to stretch and change to allow another human inside of us to grow, is something to be cherished and remembered. No matter how much weight you gain, all of the stretch marks you get, and all of the new lumps and bumps that come along with pregnancy…just remember that you are providing a home for your little babe, and it’s so worth it. That’s something that not everyone has the privilege of being able to experience. So, try to look past the acid reflux, nausea, weight gain, stretch marks, and swelling (just to name a few πŸ˜‰ ), and truly appreciate this body that you have for only so long…because it’s an amazing thing.

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