Lumberjack Gabriel Turns ONE!

I’ve always been a huge fan of a good birthday theme for my own little one’s birthdays over the years. As he’s gotten older, he’s had more input into what theme he wants, so makes it a “little” bit easier for me. Planning these birthday parties takes least it does for me. Maybe I go a little overboard sometimes, but I love to make my Jayden’s day so special and something he can always remember. I have to admit though, it’s always fun in the beginning..finding decorations, food ideas, etc. to match the theme. And takes over my life and I’m so ready to be done with it. Luckily for me, I went with the basic theme: blue, brown, and green, for my son’s first birthday. Pretty boring, I know..but it was simple enough and got the job done, since he had absolutely no idea what was even really going on. It’s hard to find a unique birthday theme, especially for a first birthday party. But let me tell you, my close friend Olivia (the one behind The Lil’ Mango blog: nailed it with her first birthday party theme for her little man, Gabriel. Gabriel’s birthday is November 28th, so fitting with the time of the year, she chose a lumberjack theme! It was so fun and festive and she killed it with the little details she put into planning this party. To go with the lumberjack theme of the party, it was a must that we took a lumberjack themed cake smash shoot. To add to the amazing decor of the party, she displayed a few of her favorite shots from the shoot. It was so much fun getting pictures of my little buddy tearing apart a cake to celebrate his turning ONE! It’s been amazing watching him grow up (as I watch him every day for Olivia), so it was a pleasure to capture this moment for my friend. I also took some pictures of the decor at the party for her, so if anyone needs any lumberjack themed party ideas..The Lil’ Mango has it covered for you here! –> Lil’ Lumberjack 1st Birthday Party

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy FIRST Birthday to this adorably confused lumberjack! Love you buddy! xoxo

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