Baby Boy #3

One of my good fellow mama friends that I’ve known since high school, just had her THIRD little boy in October! I had known Francesca since we were in high school, but we never really became close until after we both had our first little boys. We were both married to men in the military and pregnant with our first babies at a relatively young age. We had a mutual friend that suggested we hang out more because we both had things in common and it’s hard being young mamas without fellow mama friends to understand. Well, our boys were born 6 days apart, we got together shortly after, and have been good friends since. I’ve always been so thankful for her friendship and it’s been amazing to watch her family grow. I always believe people are sent to you by the universe at the right time when you need them the most, for whatever reason that may be.

It’s always difficult to find time for friends once you have children and a family. You have to plan months in advance, and even then, plans always change. But, I’m always so happy when I do get some time with old friends to catch up on life. I got to meet Francesca’s newest addition, Brant, 2.5 weeks after he was born. Of course, he chose that day to be wide awake. Not that I don’t love an alert newborn, but sleeping babies are much easier to photograph 😉 We still got some pictures of him, big brothers Christian and Blake, and the happy parents..despite Blake’s complete lack of interest in getting his picture taken. 😉 I can’t wait to keep watching her beautiful family grow!

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