Mama, Papa & Three Handsome Little Boys

It was a gorgeous day in October, when I got to finally meet this beautiful family of 5. This poor family had to reschedule multiple times before we finally got a sunny day to get outside for some pictures. I know photo shoots can be not as much fun for the little ones (and stressful for the parents). The kids would rather be off playing without a camera in their face. But, these boys were so good for me! They didn’t complain once! In between shots, they’d go off and play with their football. Then they’re return when they were “needed” and would smile and pose with no complaints. I know firsthand how stressful getting pictures taken can want the kids to behave, to smile, to not run around like maniacs, or give the miserable death glare in the pictures. You start to sweat yourself because things aren’t going “perfect”..but, as we all know, kids are so unpredictable. At all ages. So, I’m always ready to roll with the punches and follow their lead. I just want everyone I work with, to be happy and stress free. This should be a fun experience to capture sweet memories. So remember, next time you’re getting your pictures taken..just relax, smile, and let the photographer try to tame your children 😉

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