Shane’s First Birthday Shoot

I arrived at the park and as soon as I saw his flushed, sweaty little face as he just woke up from his nap in the car..I couldn’t wait to take some pictures of his precious face. Those chubby cheeks and adorable top heart melted. Instantly, my annoying baby voice came out as I spoke to him, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to eat him up. He was a quiet one and was a tough cookie to get to smile, but that may not have been his fault. Maybe he was just confused by the crazy lady who woke him up from his nap, was speaking in a weird voice and making crazy gestures to get him to smile? By the end though, the babe had had enough of me and my camera..but of course, I kept snapping away and used that cute exhausted crying face to capture a real life, adorable moment that we, knowing as both a mama myself and a photographer, need to improvise with. Just gotta go with the flow and make it work with the little ones. After all..they do run the show.

Happy early FIRST birthday Shane!!..even if you’re not too happy to be turning one! 😉



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