A Day in the Park

Whether in the sunny –and sometimes sticky– Summer or in the brisk, colorful Fall, Tyler State Park makes for an ideal photo shoot backdrop. While it was a hot and humid day in Bucks County, these calm, cool and collected kiddies ( who are cousins!) are looking better than ever.



DSC_07159 #2DSC_07777 #2DSC_0690 10DSC_0683 8DSC_07498 #2DSC_0701 11DSC_0685 11DSC_0752 7DSC_0774 10DSC_0790 8

I was even lucky enough that my sister was able to capture a few great shots of me and my little man, as well.  I will gladly accept any opportunity for quality pictures with my little best friend.  Before I know it, he will be a teenager and won’t be caught dead hugging me this way again.  So I will treasure these sweet little moments for as long as they last.

DSC_0765 8DSC_0770 9DSC_0772 9DSC_0797 9

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